• Elsword 2nd Job Class Change Events

    July 5th, 2011

    Make way for Lord Knight and Rune Slayer!
    Event Period: 07/06/2011 – 07/12/2011
    Event Type: Experience Boost and Time Event (0 min, once a day)

    We’re celebrating Elsword’s 2nd Job Class Change—Lord Knight and Rune Slayer—with a double treat! First, log into the game using any character under Level 35 and you’ll receive a Stamina potion in your in-game mailbox. Use it anytime you feel like extending your Elsword Online playing time. A little help leveling up your Elsword is on the way, too. If you’re playing Elsword under Level 35, you’ll receive a 50% bonus on experience points whenever you complete a dungeon.

    • Anyone who logs into the game will receive a Stamina potion in their mailbox that recovers 30% of their stamina when consumed.
    • Elsword users under level 35 who log into the game will receive a 50% bonus experience when completing dungeons.

    Stamina Potion
    Recovers 30% of Stamina

    Skill Tree Re-AMP!
    Event Period: 07/06/2011 – 07/26/2011
    Event Type: Event Quest (Once)

    Here’s a little perk to motivate you in quickly completing Elsword’s 2nd Job Class Change Quests. Once you’ve completed all of the 2nd Job Class Change Quests (5/5), you will receive a coupon for an El Revitalization Drink. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though. Use the coupon to activate the quest and accept it through Ariel or the Board. Then you must clear any of the dungeons 10 times. Make sure that you can earn experience points in each one by ensuring that the dungeon level is not so far below your character’s level. Once the quest is completed, you’ll receive 1 El Revitalization Drink, which will reset your character’s skills and return all invested skill points.

    Or, you know, skip the quest by purchasing the 2nd Job Class Change cash item from the Item Mall to get the reward instantly. Use all regained points wisely to build the best possible skill set for your Job Class and fighting style.

    • The player will receive a ‘Coupon for El Revitalization Drink (7 day)’ once the player has completed the last 2nd Job Class Change Quest (5/5).
    • Using the coupon will trigger the quest and they can accept it from Ariel or the Board.
    • Once the quest has been accepted, the player will have to clear 10 times which must give them experience points.
    • Once cleared, users will receive an El Revitalization Drink (7 Days).
    • Using the El Revitalization Drink will reset the player’s skills and return all invested skill points.
    • The item must be used within 7 days (Will be deleted on each of next maintenance).















    Cash Option: Players who purchase 2nd Job Class Change cash item will automatically complete this quest and receive the 2nd Job Promotion Cube in their mailbox containing the El Revitalization Drink. Those who take this option will get the reward (El Revitalization Drink) of the Skill Tree reAMP! Quest instantly and they won’t need to perform the quest.

    The Warriors’ Path to Lurensia
    Event Period: 07/06/2011 – 08/02/2011
    Event Type: Event Quest Series (Once)

    A warrior’s path is filled with challenges—you can count this event as one of them. It’s one series, in fact. To be worthy of the permanent Warrior of Velder title, you must complete a series of seven quests as you make your way to Lurensia. Complete the conditions one by one as you go through the sequence. Don’t worry—we’ve made sure it’s worth the trouble, as each component of the series comes with its own rewards.

    • Player can start the quest by speaking with Ariel or checking the Board.
    • Once the quest is accepted, the players will simply have to complete the required conditions to receive the rewards.
    • Receive the “Warrior of Velder” title permanently if the quest series is completed.

    Required Items:


    Monster Cards – Gotta Collect ‘Em All!
    Event Period: 07/06/2011 – 07/26/2011
    Event Type: Quest, Card Trade, Craft

    Oh noes, William Phoru is back! But you can relax, kids. This phoru has lowered the sword to make way for card-playing. For four whole weeks, William will act as your friendly neighborhood NPC, while dungeon drops will include various monster cards. These cards will need to be crafted into card sets and exchanged with William for exciting rewards. Check the quests too; when you have collected all the cards and put the Complete Card Set together, you can exchange it for a Chibi Mini-Me. Make sure to drop by with your cards soon—William is eager for a challenge.

    • The dungeons will drop various monster cards which need to be bundled together and exchanged for rewards.
    • They can exchange the card packs through William NPC, who will be stationed next to Ariel during the event period.
    • Chibi Mini-Me is given when Complete Card Set is collected and submitted in completion of the quests shown below.
    • Job Promotion Cube cannot be opened if the players have not advanced their job to wear the Job-exclusive costumes.
    • All cards are tradable and resalable at 100ED (All remaining cards will be removed on August 3rd).
    • Cards : 15 cards (Quest items) and 7 sets (Special items)

    Exchangeable Rewards


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