Luciel-Event-tn-07-01-2015 Costume Contest 2015 Winners [Delayed]
July 27th, 2015

We’ll announce the winners here when judging has been finalized.

fi_KarmaKoin_20150722 Get 22% Bonus K-Ching with Karma Koin
July 27th, 2015

Enjoy our BIGGEST Load Up Bonus ever! Get 22% Bonus K-Ching with Karma Koin each time you load up K-Ching from July 27 to 31, 2015.

fi-noticealert Notice: Security Pin Button Freeze Bug
July 25th, 2015

Please be informed that for those who haven’t set up their security pins, there’s a bug wherein clicking the “Security Pin” button will cause your client to freeze.

Websitethumbnail_Template ELS Beach Summer Cook Off Contest!
July 24th, 2015

It’s Summer and what better way to spend it by having a Cook off with fellow Elpeeps!

ThumbnailNotice Luriel’s Gift
July 23rd, 2015

As a token of appreciation for defending Elrios against the unending hordes of demons, Luriel will be giving out free Elixirs for everyone.

fi-Gold-Dragon-Black-Eyes-Article-tn-07-22-2015 New! Gold Dragon Accessories, Black Eyes Custom Item
July 22nd, 2015

Don’t you wish you had the gear to rival the beastly Ascalon’s appearance? Check out the Gold Dragon accessories in Elsword!

fi_els_beach_wear Sale! ELS Beach Wear 2.0
July 22nd, 2015

Cover-up or no cover-up? Take your pick from our ELS Beach Wear 2.0 summer costume collection. Visit the Elsword Item Mall today!

fi-Grand-IB-Article-tn-07-22-2015 Super Special Item: Grand Ice Burner
July 22nd, 2015

The Grand Ice Burner is your sure-fire way to get a piece of the Thanatos set. Get one in every Grand Ice Burner Package!