fi-Luciel-Teaser-tn-06-24-2015 Luciel Name Raffle
June 24th, 2015

Post your Luciel’s name and win K-Ching!

fi_ChicEye-20150624 New Item: Customize with Chic Eyes!
June 23rd, 2015

Give smoky eyes and guyliner a try. Get your Chic Eyes from the Customize tab in the Elsword Item Mall!

fi-Luciel-Events-tn-06-24-2015 Special Event: New Dual Character Preview
June 23rd, 2015

Don’t wait ‘til July 1st to pick a name for Elsword Online’s new dual character. Create your character now and get freebies!

fi-Naval-Fleet_20150624 Naval Fleet Costume Sale
June 23rd, 2015

Ship-smash your enemies while wearing the new Naval Fleet outfit. Visit the Elsword Item Mall today!

fi-Loadup-bonus-tn-06-24-2015 First Time Load Up Bonus REBOOT!
June 23rd, 2015

Get 20% extra K-Ching again with our First Time Load Up Bonus Reboot! Promo runs June 24 – July 5, 2015 only! (Not applicable to SponsorPay and Peanut Labs)

fi-newiceburnersthanatos New in Ice Burners: Thanatos
June 17th, 2015

Standard Ice Burners may now yield weapons and hair pieces of the Thanatos set. Make this your new costume in Elsword!

si-Japan-Costume-Collection-tn-06-17-2015 Sale! Japan 2015 Creator Award Costume Collection
June 17th, 2015

Japan’s talented Elpeeps have done it again! Shop the Japan 2015 Creator Award Costumes in the Elsword Item Mall!

fi-ariel-summer-party-event-tn Guild Tree Contest
June 12th, 2015

Guild Appreciation Month! Enjoying the Guild Mission system and Guild PVP Event? Give everyone a chance to learn about your guild in our Guild Tree Contest.