CS-Banner-Ad-Notice-Alert Character Login Issue
September 20th, 2014

If any of you are experiencing any issues with logging in, kindly wait for 3 minutes first then try to log in again.

fi-pvps3-event PVP Season 3 Begins + War of Heroes
September 17th, 2014

Join the special events in-game to celebrate PvP Season 3 and the Character Balance Update!

fi-event-tn-09-17-2014 Enhance Equips to +11!
September 17th, 2014

Enhancement Packages now on sale! Use Fluorite Ores when trying to enhance equipment to +11 for this week only!

fi-sacred-fox New Mount: Sacred Fox – Red Spirit
September 17th, 2014

The new nine-tailed mystical mount Sacred Fox – Red Spirit will set your enemies ablaze. Hop on!

fi-devil-hunter Devil Hunter Costume Sale
September 17th, 2014

Wear the Devil Hunter outfit and track down the evildoers. Get the costume package today!

fi-pvp-tn-09-10-2014 Get Ready for PvP Season 3
September 10th, 2014

Take part in the pre-launch event in anticipation of the PvP Season 3 update!

fi_Ara Arch Devil Ara’s Ice Burner: Arch Devil
September 10th, 2014

Bring doom to your enemies as Ara the Arch Devil. Collect the outfit from Ara’s Ice Burners!

fi-mysterious-continent-tn-09-10-2014 Mysterious Continent Adventurers: Ara, Elesis and Add
September 10th, 2014

New Mysterious Continent Adventurer costumes arrive for Ara, Elesis, and Add. Visit the Item Mall today!